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Clinic Industrial Back Support
  Lightweight, low profile 8" back support with double-pull elastic compression straps and four sewn-in 7" plastic stays. Contact closure. Sewn-on adjustable suspenders. Ideal for helping to prevent and protect back injurie..
Figure-8 Design Clavicle Strap
  This lightweight clavicle strap holds the shoulder area in the correct position to help promote the healing process. It can also be used to help correct simple bad posture. The strap has a figure-8 design for easy application, and varyi..
Industrial Back Support
  8" black, mesh back support with contact closures. Double-pull elastic compression suspenders. Choice between sewn-on or optional attachable shoulder suspension straps. Ideal for helping to prevent and protect back injuries. ..
Powerbelt™ Back Support
    Durable, mesh elastic construction with built-in lower back pad supports the sacrolumbar regions of the spine while distributing stress evenly across the back and hips. Lock strap with quick release..
Three-Panel Binder For Women
  This lightweight elastic binder has a variety of applications. Its most common use is as an abdominal binder for post-surgical dressings. It is effective in supporting abdominal contents when there has been a loss of muscle tone. The hi..
Universal Clavicle
  Foam/nylon construction with contact closure for easy adjustment. Movable D-rings allow for proper adjustment. One size fits up to 40" chest circumference. Ideal for clavicular fractures and postural problems. ..
Showing 1 to 6 of 6 (1 Pages)