Hospital Beds

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80" x 36" x 6" Innerspring Mattress
    Now you can offer your customers the comfort, protection and durability of superior home care mattresses by Invacare, along with Invacare mattress covers. View the Bed Rail Entrapment Risk Notification Guide &..
Delta™ Ultra Light 1000, Full Electric Bed
The Delta 1000 is truly universal because the bed frame can be used with Drive's and most other manufacturers bed ends, old and new. The transition box mounted on the foot section is key to interchangeability. The transition box al..
Full Electric Bariatric Bed
Quiet, smooth operation. Heavy duty frame ensures strength and patient safety. All steel construction. Larger sleep surface than conventional bed. Split pan design with removable bed ends is easy to set-up. No too..
Full Electric Bed Package with Solace Foam Mattress and Full-Length Rails
      Invacare's Home Care Bed offers a number of innovations that translate into long-term savings over the product lifecycle.   5411IVC Full-Electric Bed 6629 Reduced Gap Full Length Rails..
Full Electric LTC Low Bed
Height adjustable sleep surface from 7.5" to 16.5". 3 motors provide quiet, smooth operation. Separate bed height and head and foot section adjustment. 80" x 36" spring deck surface. Durable powder coated epoxy finish. ..
Full Rail for use with 15601SD and 15801SD
Full Rail for use with 15601SD and 15801SD   ..
Full-Electric Bed
Quiet, smooth operation. The easy-to-use hand pendant electrically controls the positioning of the upper body, knees, and overall height of the bed frame to provide maximum comfort and versatility for the patient or caregi..
Half Length Siderail No-Gap Style
Unique design prevents individuals from being lodged between bars. Attractive brown vein finish. Constructed of 1" steel. Fits most hospital beds with steel frame. Ideal for maximum protection when bed is elevated. ..
Head and Foot Boards for LTC and Low Bed
Head and Foot Boards for LTC and Low Bed. ..
Invacare® Carroll Homecare Bed
    With unsurpassed style, comfort and quality, Carroll Healthcare's Homecare bed has earned the reputation as the bed that is most comfortable for everyone. Users and caregivers appreciate the Homecare bed's wide range of he..
Showing 1 to 10 of 13 (2 Pages)