Quickie GT

Quickie GT
Quickie GT Quickie GT Quickie GT Quickie GT Quickie GT Quickie GT
Manufacturer:  Quickie
Product Code:  EIR3

Weight:   150.00 g

Dimensions(L x W x H): 100.00 x 50.00 x 75.00 cm

Price: $1,627.00
Product Description


Using the design principals of the highly successful Quickie Ti Titanium, the Quickie GT enters the market as one of the lightest aluminum chairs in the world. A basic 16 X 16 chair with 24" rear spoke-wheels weighs a mere 20.5 lbs. This unparalleled low weight, combined with multiple patent-pending on-chair adjustment systems, provides an UltraLight chair with the flexibility to meet a wide variety of user needs and wishes. Shown with optional Fold Down Push Handles and Adjustable Back.




 Product Features

  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • Open Frame design
  • Easy to Adjust Folding Backrest
  • Optional Frnt and rear Suspension


Extremely UltraLight Aluminum Frame The Quickie GT has a 20.5 lbs. total chair weight (16 X 16 std. config - see order form). The frame transport-weight for the same configuration is 12.3 lbs. This is one of the lowest frame-weights in the world. Throw it on a scale next to any comparably sized aluminum model and see for yourself.
Open-Frame Design The Quickie GT's "L" shaped mono-frame design is perfect for transporting in and out of vehicles. The optional folding push-handles and the standard folding backrest combined with the "L" frame-shape makes the Quickie GT frame easier to move across the driver's seat than most non-folding and folding aluminum-frame chairs.
Easy-To-Adjust Folding Backrest The adjustable folding-backrest on the Quickie GT provides one of the broadest adjustment ranges in the industry: 28 total in 4 increments. Along with this wide range is a patent-pending spline adjustment-system that requires only loosening one bolt per side to make backrest-angle adjustments. These adjustments can even be made with the user in the chair.
Front and Rear Optional-Suspension The Quickie GT features optional front Frog-Leg and rear Quickie custom elastomer style suspension systems. These two systems can be purchased separately or in combination to provide the ultimate smooth ride. Throw in the mountain-wheel option and 6" wide front caster-wheels and the chair is ready for an off-road adventure.


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